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The Rose Restaurant is located at the Grounding Floor with an area of 150m2 as having a seat capacity of 120 welcomed guests or visitors which specializes in Vietnamese-Asian or Oriental foods menu as well as special foods or indigenous special foods. Furthermore, this hotel may also offer family eating room, VIP rooms with capacity seat as minimum as approximate as 10-15 guests or visitors.
The Rose Restaurant

The Rose Restaurant is allocated at grounding floor with an area of 220m2 to offer seat capacity of exceeding to 140 persons, The Rose Restaurant offers a specialized serving in breakfast, buffet meal in conjunction with delicious Vietnamese-Asian or Oriental foods as well as indigenous styling menu set.

Rose Café

Rose Café is not only as an attractive place for your riding times of coffee but also a romantic atmosphere for calm, tranquil soul. It is placed above highland hill belonging to the campus of Ky Hoa hotel, the Rose Café  is a ideological brand location for your relaxation and a lifetime to historic beauty spots in the city steaming out your mind.
A mixture of cool place and natural space of beauty with green plants, cleaned and purified grass, Rose Café really becomes an ideal location for coffee in the flower Dalat City.

11 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Str,  W.8, Dalat City,  Lam Dong province, Vietnam
Tel: (84-263) – 3555 217/ 216 - Fax : (84-263) – 3555 218
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