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Da Lat to have most romantic park in Asia
Date: 10/07/2013
The People’s Committee of Central Highlands Lam Dong Province has approved a US$3mil project to build a flower park in Da Lat City.

The investor, An Binh Co, Ltd., is eager to build the most romantic flower park in Asia in Da Lat, named “Love and peace”. The designer of this 23ha park is famous architect Ho Thieu Tri, who will build the park based on the core values of human culture and poetic characters. The park will be a great farm of flowers as well, gathering the most beautiful and luxurious varieties in the world with certain designs and themes. The site will have no roads, but only alleys named “Alley of Rain”, “Alley of Sunlight”, “Alley of Nostalgia”, “Violet Alley” and “Alley of Dream” among others.

Da Lat to have most romantic park in Asia

Visitors will also be able to plant their trees or sign their names and relate memories on small flagstones scattered about the park, which will also incorporate sites designed for lovers young and not so young. Investors have hired three flower experts from the Netherlands, Italy and Israel, countries strong in the flower industry, to care for the park. The project will begin on April 30 and will be maintained for 50 years.

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