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Nguyen Hue flower street celebrates 10th anniversary
Date: 01/31/2013
To mark the Year of the Snake, the 10th flower display on Nguyen Hue Street will feature two giant snakes made of melaleuca bark and a diverse-topography Vietnam through stylized mountains, plains and islands.

Themed “The heart of Vietnam”, this year’s eagerly-awaited flower show will be divided in three sections with sub-themes including Spring in the Highlands, Spring in the Plains and Spring on Islands.

The apricot garden surrounding the bust of Uncle Ho will be decorated with flower pots and 54 stylized hearts, representing Vietnam"s 54 ethnic groups made of bamboo, flower and brocade.

The sidewalk surrounding Cay Lieu (Willow) roundabout will be also decorated with stylized hearts made of fresh flowers.

The first segment of The Spring in the Highlands will showcase the cultural diversity of the highland region through its musical instruments such as the Paranung drum and different kinds of gongs made of flowers.

Traditional costumes of highland ethnic minority groups will be displayed on mannequins made of straw and flowers.

The second segment will see a big waterfall decorated with flowers and huge rocks taken from Da Lat central highlands city.

The Spring in the Plains section and the clock tower in front of the Sun Wah Tower will showcase the images of 10 mascots which are symbols of the last flower shows on Nguyen Hue Street over the past ten years.

Meanwhile, the rice paddies layout that appealed many tourists last year will be retained and embellished with the white storks this year.

The miniatures landscapes in this section will be decorated with melon rigs, carts of flowers, flower looms, and flower trusses, plus also a lotus pond, hanging bridges, and images of bumper crops.

The highlight of the flower road will be the "Spring on Islands" section that features stylized sailing boat on a sea of flowers representing a good fishing season, green coconut trees, white sand beaches, and baskets.

Visitors will walk just below the decorative hanging fishing nets, providing them with the impression of walking through a fishing village.

The flower show will open for visitors from February 7 to 13 (December 27 to January 4 on the lunar calendar).

In related news, Da Nang central city will unveil its first-ever flower street for Tet celebration. The flower street will feature a gigantic flower-made cobra and 100 different kinds of flowers to be displayed along the 1km road.

da nang

Visitors to Da Nang during the upcoming Tet will have a chance to see a giant cobra that will be displayed on the city"s first-ever flower street. Photo: Tuoi Tre

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