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Vietnam Culinary Challenge 2013 poised to launch
Date: 01/31/2013
Tuoitrenews - Local chefs’ keen passion for the culinary arts will come to light at Food & Hotel Vietnam 2013 (FHV2013) for Vietnam Culinary Challenge 2013 this April.

The 2013 edition of the event, which will be staged alongside FHV2013, Vietnam’s foremost food and hospitality trade event from April 24 to 26, is setting up to bring a spectacular display of outstanding food preparation and artistic presentation.

The 5th edition of the event, organized by the Saigon Professional Chefs Guild, has been firmly entrenched in Vietnam as a prestigious and highly regarded competition for Vietnam’s culinary community since making debut in 2006.

The coming edition of the event is dedicated to raise the profile of Vietnamese culinary capabilities, as Vietnamese chefs taking part in this competition will have the opportunity for wide exposure to an international audience.

These chefs, groomed by a mix of well-established and up-and-coming F&B establishments spread across Vietnam, will compete against peers in a three-day series of cook-offs to be eligible for the coveted title of Grand Champion.

Comprising 13 classes, the competition will test chefs by pitching in the greatest extent of their culinary knowledge and expertise to produce an assorted range of unique, succulent and artistic culinary creations.

The judging panel will be headed by Chief Judge, Otto Weibel, a highly respected, Singapore-based WACS Approved Judge, who has accumulated a brilliant history of international judging and culinary experience.

He will be leading the panel comprising of internationally renowned industry luminaries, including Bui Thi Suong, Christian Pakura, Marco P. Brueschweiler, Rick Stephen, Vincent Tan and Yau Kok Kheong (K.K.Yau).

The Vietnam Culinary Challenge is designed with several key objectives in mind.

The first is to raise Vietnam’s culinary standards by presenting an opportunity for industry professionals to gain valuable experience through a competitive setting.

Moreover, its aim is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of culinary expertise, knowledge and ideas with peers within the culinary community, and generate greater recognition and promote awareness of Vietnam’s culinary capabilities to the regional food and hospitality industry.

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