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Vung Tau is 125 kilometers away from a distance to Hochiminh city, is a beach site to satisfy the needs of weekend vacation of many guests or visitors. Vung Tau beach has several slight slope and long sand area appropriate with such families who bringing up young children playing on the beach.


Additionally and thus, Vung Tau is chosen because of its near distance to Hochiminh city in connection with good infrastructure of transportation and public works, road line as facilitated to as moving around. It is furthermore to guess that when choosing Vung Tau, it means that following factors may satisfy: eating, playing, the several places famous for enjoying seafood and special foods to the culinary scope potential.

Hydrofoil Express Boat

Itineracy route taken is 1,5 hours
Hydrofoil Express Boat started in the route of Hochiminh city to Vung Tau and again with several routes. Once time of each route as 30 minutes, it will start from 06:00AM to 4:30PM, itineracy route taken is 1 hour 30 minutes. It may depart from Bach Dang Ship Port to Cau Da Vung Tau Ship Port. Ticker may be bought at any ship port or any ticket agent in Hochiminh city or Vung Tau (water cushion ship ticket may be sold at such hotels).

By motorbike

Itineracy route: Coming along with the national road 1, passing through Dong Nai bridge towards the nearest roundabout (briefly called “Vung Tau intersection, formerly called “Vung Tau cross-road), turning the right to direct the national road 51 and next towards approximate 100 kilometers to get Vung Tau City.

Trang 1/2[1][2]

30-32 Tran Phu Str, W. 01, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria -Vung Tau Province, Vietnam
Tel: (84-254) – 3852-579 -3852-489 - Fax: (84-254) – 3854-230
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